Know what you’re risking when you use free open source tools

Data Loss

Many clients opt to use free open source migration tools such as Rsync and Robocopy, which suffice for smaller migration jobs. If you’re migrating hundreds of terabytes or if your dataset is slightly complicated, these legacy tools put your data at serious risk.

In fact, 75% of companies consulted recently by Kroll Ontrack admit to losing some data during a migration and 23% were never able to restore some of their data. 

Free tools simply cannot handle the large, complicated data sets that we manage today.


Over Time 

Not only is it impossible to know when legacy tools successfully migrate large datasets to a new storage device without losing any data, but the timeframe for migration and the cutover event are significantly more difficult to control. Vendors might claim migration will take 30 days, but in practice they can take a year or more. According to Oracle, 80% of migrations run over-time or over-budget, and time overruns average 41%.

When you buy a system and can’t install it for many months, you are stuck paying for service contracts and maintenance costs, all while losing value as the new storage asset depreciates. 


Over Budget

There are many hidden costs to unstructured data migration, most of which are the result of the high ownership costs of storage as mentioned above. Free open source tools also incur significant manual labor costs because they require manual scripting and manual troubleshooting. 

In fact, cost overruns average 30% and the average cost of budget overruns is $268,000. When outsourcing migration to expensive professional services, the cost of labor is often drastically inflated.


Why use DataBloc’s proprietary migration software?

Secure, Fast, and Cost-Effective NAS Migration

Security & Transparency

  • Verify zero data loss
  • Leverage resource monitoring tools
  • Generate audit trails for compliance
  • Access post-migration reports

Time & Cost Savings

  • Accelerate file transfers and switchover 10x faster than with legacy migration tools
  • Keep your TCO in check. DataBloc turns a 10 month migration into a 1 month migration, which saves you 9 months of storage maintenance costs on your legacy NAS. 
  • With a fully automated solution, you won’t have to pay for long hours of expensive manual labor nor will you find yourself manually scripting and troubleshooting.