StoneFly Migrate

Industry Compliant Blockchain Powered Data Migration Software as a Service (SaaS) for Enterprise File-Level (NAS), Block-Level (iSCSI SAN), and Object-Level (Cloud) Workloads.

Migrate Enterprise Data Anywhere Effortlessly

Data migrations are labor intensive, time consuming and costly – especially if we’re talking about terabytes of business data.

StoneFly Migrate makes data migrations easier, more secure, cost effective, compliant and faster with a blockchain powered SaaS.

With our data migration software, users can move terabytes of NAS, iSCSI, and object data to Azure, AWS S3, StoneFly private cloud, or any other S3 compatible cloud easily and quickly. 

StoneFly Migrate also facilitates cloud-to-cloud data migration. 


Why Use StoneFly’s Data Migration Tools?

Faster Migration

  • Deduplication
  • 100 GbE Connectivity
  • WAN Optimization

Cost-Effective Data Migration

  • Self-Service or Full-Service
  • Faster Migration Saves Time and Money
  • Schedule a Meeting for a Free Assessment


  • Secure File Transfers with Encrypted Data Migration
  • Chain of Custody (Audit Trail, Data Provenance, etc.)
  • HIPAA/HITRUST, FedRAMP, CJIS and FINRA Compliant Data Migration

Easy & Flexible Deployment

  • Self-Service or Full-Service
  • Automated Policy-Based Transfers
  • Migrate to Azure, AWS, StoneFly Private Cloud or Any Other S3 Compatible Cloud

Secure File Transfers with Blockchain Technology

Our data migration software delivers secure file transfers by leveraging enterprise-grade encryption technology. At rest, StoneFly data migration tools protect data with AES 256-bit encryption and during transit, data is secured using SSL/TLS tunneling.

Additionally, blockchain technology ensures that stored business data is in its original state. Each stored file has a unique hash.  If a file is accessed without permission, edited, or deleted, the unique hash changes. Therefore, file authenticity is guaranteed.

Blockchain also plays an integral role in helping businesses comply to a number of industry regulations by keeping track of every file and facilitating audit trails. 


StoneFly Migrate – Industry Compliant Data Migration Software


Necessary for service providers, organizations and businesses leveraging cloud storage technology to provide services to government organizations and departments: Learn More 


Healthcare service providers, hospitals, clinics and other similar organizations need to fulfill HIPAA/HITRUST regulations pertaining to data storage, retention, handling and privacy: Learn More


Organizations associated with the criminal justice system such as police departments or businesses providing legal services need to make sure the way they store, manage and migrate data is CJIS compliant: Learn More

Ensure Compliance with Various Industry Regulations 

Looking for a Compliant and Affordable Data Migration Software?

The StoneFly Advantage

Any-to-Any Data Migration

Stonefly Migrate can be configured with NAS, iSCSI (or Fibre Channel) SAN, and Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) appliances. Enterprise users can move ANY workload to ANY storage media using a variety of data services and features. 

Our data migration tools enable both synchronous and asynchronous replication as well as snapshots to on-premises appliances, offsite appliances or cloud storage repositories.

Simplify data migration for your IT environments and leverage one tool for all your data migration needs.


Automated Data Migration & Tiering

Define policies, configure storage tiers and automate data migration between storage repositories with StoneFly Migrate.

Each data transfer is tracked using blockchain technology. Therefore, there is always a transparent audit trail.

This powerful combination of automated tiering and data migration simplifies data management and reduces complexities for enterprise IT environments.


Cost Control with Deduplication

StoneFly Migrate enables users to deduplicate enterprise data. By leveraging deduplication, unnecessary copies of data are removed, thereby reducing the overall size of data. 

Deduplication reduces the cost of storage while increasing the speed of migration because the data is smaller.



Easy Management – Better Control

StoneFly Migrate puts you in control. Every workload and data migration job is managed and controlled using a single centralized management web GUI. 

Users can setup email notifications and customize their dashboards to support their style of work. 

We believe in simplicity and speed, and our data migration software takes care of both for enterprise IT administrators. 


Integrated Data Migration Features


Enhance data migration speed and reduce storage size consumption and cost.


Create point-in-time images of your storage and store them in the cloud or in an offsite storage repository.


Configure synchronous or asynchronous replication to automatically replicate workloads to desired on-site, offsite or cloud storage repositories.


StoneFly data migration tools protect mission-critical workloads at rest and during transit with advanced encryption technology.

Automated Tiering

Define policies and automatically migrate data between storage repositories to simplify data management and to remove human error. 

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