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Migrate and Protect Your Data

Data migrations can be labor intensive, time consuming, and costly, and data loss in not uncommon.

Ensure a secure transition with DataBloc and get to your new storage fast so you can realize your ROI.

Save hours of manual labor and manage multiple migrations through a simple, centralized GUI .

Move billions of files and petabytes of data to any on-prem NAS appliance or to Azure, AWS, Stonefly Private Cloud, or any other S3 compatible cloud. 

Enjoy stress-free migrations with DataBloc. Monitor compliance and guarantee a seamless transition. 

Why Use DataBloc for Data Migration?

10x Speed

  • Get to your new storage fast
  • Start realizing your ROI right away
  • Decommission old storage ASAP


  • Reduce TCO during Migration
  • Minimize Depreciation of Old Storage
  • Get a Free Pre-Migration Assessment


  • Encrypted File Transfers
  • Chain of Custody of Files
  • Audit Trails for Easy Reporting

Easy & Flexible Deployment

  • Unlimited Scalability
  • Highly Automated  
  • Any file. Any platform. Any vendor.

Secure File Transfers with Blockchain Technology

 Industry Compliant Data Migration Software


For businesses and organizations leveraging cloud storage technology to provide services to the government, remain FedRAMP compliant.

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For healthcare service providers, hospitals, clinics and other similar organizations, we build our solutions around your compliance requirements.

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For organizations associated with the criminal justice system, such as law enforcement or businesses providing legal services, we have you covered.

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Ensure Compliance with Various Industry Regulations 

Looking for Powerful Data Migration Software?

The DataBloc Advantage


Enterprise users can move ANY workload to ANY storage media using a variety of data services and features. 

Simplify data migration for your IT environments and leverage one tool for all your data migration needs.



No more manual scripting or troubleshooting. Schedule migrations ahead of time and focus on your business.

Define policies, configure storage tiers and automate data migration between storage repositories.


Cost Control

Deduplication reduces the size of data, which drastically increases the speed of migration. 

DataBloc removes unnecessary copies of data , thereby reducing the cost of migration and storage.


Easy Management 

Every data migration job is managed and controlled using a single centralized management web GUI.

We believe in simplicity and speed, and our data migration software takes care of both for enterprise IT administrators.


Integrated Data Migration Features


Enhance data migration speed while reducing the size and costs of storage.


Create point-in-time images of your storage and secure them in the cloud or in an offsite storage repository.


Easily copy workloads to desired on-premises or cloud repositories.


DataBloc migration tools protect mission-critical workloads at rest and during transit with advanced encryption technology.


Put your data on a secure chain of custody and generate immutable audit trails for easy reporting.

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